Lifekosmos is a new-concept proprietary panel which offers excellent completeness of information and low impact on individuals.

It is natively linked to Weople, and acts as an element of stabilization and integration for the Big Data generated by the Weople platform, since it is also a driver of valorization and operational segmentation for the data.

Lifekosmos is therefore an enhancer of the completeness and quality of data, and thus satisfies specific digital needs, to the benefit of Hoda’s interlocutors: in sector literature and processes it is a fact that Big Data needs constant injections of quality, consistency and relationality.

However, Lifekosmos does not only give; it also takes, being enriched thanks to Weople.

The ongoing and native link with Weople and the extent of the Big Data held by Lifekosmos result in an availability of data, opportunities, operability, segmentation and analysis unparalleled in the market of single source tools.