Wekosmos is a new generation’s database that merges and activates the finest data of 20,000 cases, coming from Weople’s Big Data and Lifekosmos Panel. This is the value generation starting point for all the users of Weople, as stated in the T&C. The synergy of these two assets allows the integration of passive approaches of objective and subjective research to create a totally new and disruptive mix. This mix is based on customer experience, media exposure and psychographic in-deep description.
Wekosmos allows for new segmentations and is used as the base for an unconventional and non-mainstream business approach. We consider this tool to be essential for a modern and innovative understanding of people, segments, consumers, and behavioural trends, as much as to be the foundation for marketing and communication up-to-date activities of great success.

Everything is created within our mission of a bank for people’s data, to generate and increase the Big Data value to give it back to people, while also respecting and protecting their privacy.
Wekosmos is a database made of anonymized, statistical, and aggregated data, therefore non personal or referable to a specific person. All these methods and instruments like the Lifekosmos panel and the Weople app created by Hoda operates in total respect of their user’s privacy and are fundamental in increasing the value of Wekosmos itself. These assets are investments of great importance both to an economic and to a skill level that Hoda did to ensure, in the long period, to reach the best possible result for the Weople community. Thanks to this approach, Hoda now has an offer of great value and success for the B2B market from which is able to generate the revenues needed to cover the costs and determine the profits, 90% of which is returned to the community, achieving our Consumer-to-Business (C2B) approach