Data Investment and Valorization


HODA works to enable people to become conscious protagonists who are remunerated and protected by the digital ecosystem, which currently views them as completely absent, or as data producers who generate value without benefiting from it.
Investing and valorizing data on behalf of individuals also means allowing people to receive personalised and targeted communications, offers and services, as well as protecting them from indiscriminate bombardment by messages of little interest.

People and firms have many interests in common, and these are pursued and supported by Hoda: for firms, the valorization of personal data with the services we offer means:

  • better segmentation of the market for ongoing or potential activities
  • the ability to carry out targeted and relevant communication with recipients
  • high-quality one-to-one marketing to large numbers with all the benefits of a short and direct chain of communication and transparent, co-generated KPIs
  • the ability to integrate online and offline communication without uncertainty and waste.

It means, in short, reducing waste in money and energy, while increasing the effectiveness of actions.

Data Integration & Activation