Data Integration & Activation

In the digital ecosystem, Data Integration & Activation are the processes which lie at the heart of unlocking the value of data.

  • Integration, because the data is intelligently (and securely) integrated with other data, increasing the overall value of the information;
  • Activation, because the data is used to understand people and to identify and target the most appropriate segments for marketing activities.

HODA provides an important link for the integration of data sources and clients’ data, in two directions:


  • Data management technologies (HW and SW) to handle integration
  • Data analysis and intelligence using the most advanced proprietary techniques (Dotconn Engine and AI)
  • Research-based ad hoc enrichment only when integrable and linkable

CONSULTANCY for diagnostics and forecasting

  • Expertise and the ability to interpret and advise on data and current and future scenarios
  • Consultancy for data integration & activation

HODA makes extensive use of data integration and activation – through Weople and Lifekosmos – in order to achieve its primary goal: to increase the value of personal data as much as possible and return most of this value to the individuals themselves.

For firms this means, for example, being able to choose and implement addressable campaigns, but it also means being a partner in new marketing practices with greater value in terms of ethics and social sustainability.

Data Investiment & Valorization